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The CARES Act, the largest economic stimulus package in American history, created $2.2 trillion in relief to bolster the American economy against COVID-19 losses. Included in that sum were hundreds of billions of dollars earmarked to support workers and help small businesses retain jobs through low-interest and forgivable loans. Due to the huge sums of money available and a rapid and disorganized disbursement process, CARES Act relief programs opened the door to abuse and fraud.

CARES Act small business relief includes the new Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), as well as the expansion of existing Economic Injury Distance Loans (EIDL) and other Small Business Association (SBA) loans. Many entities obtained PPP loans and SBA funding fraudulently, by making false claims regarding PPP loan qualification or necessity. From fabricating false companies to inaccurately representing the number of workers employed, PPP fraud is a serious abuse of federal relief funds that has resulted in billions of wasted tax dollars.

SBA loan fraud would remain unchecked if not for the brave actions of individual citizens known as PPP whistleblowers. The federal False Claims Act (FCA) gives individuals the power to report PPP fraud through qui tam lawsuits, providing multiple protections from retaliation as well as significant cash rewards in successful PPP fraud cases. Many states offer similar whistleblower protections for PPP fraud reports. CARES Act fraud whistleblowers can help the government recover billions of dollars in taxpayer dollars and may receive a significant cash reward.

Any person with inside information may bring the abuse of federal funds to light through filing a PPP loan fraud lawsuit. Whether you work for a bank and have observed fraudulent PPP loan practices, or your employer has misused CARES Act funds and warned you to keep quiet, you will be protected from retaliation by whistleblower laws. Our firm is proud to support the efforts of individuals who blow the whistle on PPP loan fraud by providing CARES Act whistleblower lawsuit representation. Our role as PPP fraud attorneys is to ensure whistleblowers receive full protections and maximum compensation allowable by federal and state law.

File a PPP Loan Fraud Case

PPP Loan Fraud Case

If you are aware of abuse of federal funds, you may be eligible for compensation through filing a PPP loan fraud case. Whether you are an employee of a bank disbursing SBA loans or you work for a company that has accessed PPP funds, anyone who has knowledge of loan fraud may officially report abuse of funds through filing a PPP loan fraud case. Individuals who match this description are eligible for free, no-obligation case reviews with an attorney handling national PPP loan fraud case review. Our attorneys handling PPP loan fraud cases work on contingency, meaning whistleblowers never pay legal fees unless we win compensation for you. Read full information on submitting a PPP loan fraud case from attorneys protecting whistleblowers nationwide.

PPP Loan Fraud FAQ

PPP Loan Fraud FAQs

This page provides answers to common questions about PPP loan fraud. Compiled by national PPP loan fraud attorneys, this information applies to most general questions regarding cases filed against individuals and businesses who have allegedly engaged in PPP loan fraud. If your questions are not answered by reading this page or you would prefer to have a confidential conversation with a PPP loan fraud lawyer about the specifics of your circumstances, please contact our firm for a free case consultation. Read full PPP loan fraud questions and answers.

CARES Act Whistleblower Attorneys

CARES Act Whistleblower Attorneys

The CARES Act is an unprecedented $2.2 trillion relief package intended solely to support Americans in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. When a corporation or individual appears to have abused these federal relief programs, our CARES Act whistleblower lawyers see it as our mission to pursue justice no matter how complex the case. Our CARES Act whistleblower attorneys help individuals reporting PPP loan fraud recover maximum compensation while ensuring they receive full whistleblower protections. Read complete information for filing a PPP loan fraud case from national CARES Act whistleblower lawyers.

PPP Loan Fraud

PPP Loan Fraud

PPP loan fraud can take a variety of forms. In some reported cases, large corporations that do not qualify for forgivable loans have applied under the guise of small business fronts. In other cases, PPP loan fraud has been committed by individuals who fabricate non-existent small businesses and by business leaders who falsely portray their company's financial situation in order to access forgivable PPP loans. Misrepresentation of the use of loans funds is another prominent example of PPP loan fraud. Read full information on SBA loan qualification and what constitutes PPP loan fraud.

CARES Act Whistleblower

CARES Act Whistleblower

Persons who report PPP loan fraud, known as whistleblowers, are protected from employer retaliation by federal and state law. For example, the False Claims Act enables individuals to report PPP loan fraud by filing qui tam lawsuits. Whistleblowers in successful qui tam lawsuits for PPP fraud will receive significant compensation--cash rewards ranging from 15-30% of the total amount recovered. Read full information on the protections and rewards offered to a CARES Act whistleblower.